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LeJog 20th Anniversary Watch

LeJog 20th Anniversary Watch
LeJog 20th Anniversary WatchLeJog 20th Anniversary WatchLeJog 20th Anniversary WatchLeJog 20th Anniversary Watch

LeJog Limited Edition 20th Anniversary Watch

Three or less available of the 170 ever made

Our Price:  £345.00
List Price:  £670.00
Saving Of:  49%



LeJog 20th Anniversary Watch 


Brown leather adjustable strap
Spring Bar Tool
Black Presentation Box with Cream Interior
Buckle clasp

The stainless steel case is rust-free and extremely hard wearing whilst the surface can be worked on to a high degree.
The watch is treated using ions so that the surface of the stainless steel can be altered;
this technique, which comes from Switzerland, results in a surface colour that will not rub off and is free from harmful substances.
ELYSEE only used hardened mineral lens or sapphire lens.
Hardened mineral lens is already tougher than steel, and therefore highly scratch resistant; sapphire lens is even harder.
The majority of lenses used by ELYSEE are nonreflective. 
The leather straps used are normally made of soft and high-class calves' leather and are of course free from harmful substances. 

Three or less available of 170 made.