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Faher PTFE Anti-Friction Spray 400ml

Faher PTFE Anti-Friction Spray 400ml
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Brand:  Faher



Faher Anti-Friction PTFE Spray is reinforced with a unique micronised PTFE to reduce friction and wear.

Anti-Friction PTFE Spray penetrates microporous metal creating a film that can decrease friction by up to 90% to improve the perfomance and increase the life span of components.

Faher Anti-Fricition PTFE Spray is recommended for chains (standard, O-Ring, X-Ring and Z-Ring chains), open gears, industrial and agricultural machinery, quarry, marine and mining machinery, bearings, transmissions, mills, guides, cranes.
 The aerosol allows easy application in difficult access areas.


  • Reduces friction and power loss due to lack of lubrication in transmissions and drive chains
  • High resistantance to pressures and temperature
  • Repels salt, water, dust, corrosive fluids, modern chemicals, soil and sand
  • Does not debond