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Professional GPS Rally Computer G-200

Professional GPS Rally Computer G-200£562.80

The Monit G-200 is designed for the most demanding professional teams.

Professional GPS Rally Computer G-100

Professional GPS Rally Computer G-100£442.80

The Monit G-100 has all the essential features required for International level rallying

RoamerTime+ Full Kit

RoamerTime+ Full Kit£299.95

Classic Tracker - OBDII

Classic Tracker - OBDII£179.00

OBDII - CAR: OBDII Plug-In (51x50x25mm)

Classic Tracker - WIRED

Classic Tracker - WIRED£179.00

WIRED - CAR: Standard with wiring loom. (65x57x19mm)

Classic tracker IP67

Classic tracker IP67£179.00

Classic Tracker - You Own a Classic, Donít Make It History. Imagine being able to not only protect your classic from would-be thieves and recover in the event of theft, but in addition use the standard trip reporting tools from Classic Tracker to report on the performance, trip and vehicle detail on any Rally event?

RoamerTime Clock/Stopwatch inc Remote

RoamerTime Clock/Stopwatch inc Remote£129.95

Time of day with single stopwatch for general use.

RoamerTime-DB clock/stopwatch inc remote

RoamerTime-DB clock/stopwatch inc remote£129.95

RoamerTime-DB (direct dash board mount model)

Don Barrow DB8 Map Magnifier - White Tungsten and White LED

Don Barrow DB8 Map Magnifier - White Tungsten and White LED£123.95



The very unique RoamerLite-C

Fastime RW3 Co-Pilote Navigators watch

Fastime RW3 Co-Pilote Navigators watch£115.00

Don Barrow DB6 Map Magnifier

Don Barrow DB6 Map Magnifier£108.70

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Page 1 of 4:    40 Items