GaugePilot Clubman (GP-CLUBMAN)

GaugePilot Clubman (GP-CLUBMAN)
 GaugePilot Clubman (GP-CLUBMAN)GaugePilot Clubman (GP-CLUBMAN) 
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Q Is GaugePilot legal to use in Hero-CRA rallies?
A GaugePilot is legal and approved by MSA, HRCR, Hero-CRA, Endurance Rally Association ERA, RallyRound and has competed world wide in FIA and European events. Please however ALWAYS check with the event organisers and their specific rules for the event.

Q Is GaugePilot easy to use?
A Yes the soft ware is intuitive and the controls are simple, turn to move and press to action. For extra ease you are guided by onscreen helpers.

Q There are many GaugePilot applications why?
A Think of GaugePilot like a tablet or smart phone there are lots of applications built in, but you use the functions and apps that are important to and suit your needs.

Q How bright is GaugePilot at night?
A GaugePilot has 15 easy controllable levels of brightness and will auto dim when your lights are on.

Q Does GaugePilot work in 6 volt cars?
A GaugePilot instruments work in 6 volt and 12 volt vehicles positive and negative earth.

Q I have an electronic ignition fitted to my car is GaugePilot compatible?
A GaugePilot is compatible with low tension and rpm pulse signal ignition systems.

Q I have a Monit wheel sensor fitted in my rally car will GaugePilot work with it?
A GaugePilot is compatible with Monit, Terratrip 3 wire wheel sensors and Brantz BR1 speedometer cable sensor.

Q I have a Halda SpeedPilot in my vehicle will GaugePilot replace it?
A Gaugepilot is dimensionally compatible to the Halda SpeedPilot.

Q Can I connect a GaugePilot directly on to the sensors already fitted in my car?
A GaugePilot uses quality sensors selected for their high performance and accuracy. GaugePilot sensors can replace the originals or be installed in parallel with the original vehicle sensors, to deliver accurate monitoring, whilst maintaining originality and existing gauges.

Q Will GaugePilot warn me if I have left my Lights on?
A Yes GaugePilot will alert you on screen that lights are on and ignition is off?

The GaugePilot Clubman delivers the essential features required for the new rally competitor at a competitive price, that does not compromise on quality or appearance. Simple, reliable and intuitive, GaugePilot has outstanding accuracy and includes the GaugePilot Vehicle Protection System (VPS). That constantly monitors and alerts for speed, rpm, oil pressure, temperature, fuel and voltage helping the driver to fully focus on the stage ahead.
Developed with the co-operation of leading rally regulators and organisers, GaugePilot delivers a winning combination.
Key Features

•Easy to use multiple rally computers in one classic instrument.
•Outstanding clarity of display in both open and closed vehicle cockpits.
•The GaugePilot Rally Engine™ provides high precision distance and time measurement.
•Unlike other instruments GaugePilot is constantly evolving with new applications and functionality for each model and its software can be updated.
•Simple to advance or retard odometers Total Trip and Interval Trip odometers.
•Protected Total Trip reset - to prevent accidental Total Trip reset, that will spoil your rally.
•Reverse odometer drive function.
•Adjustable brightness and night-time mode.
•TwinMaster with rally time, a digital emulation of the classic Halda instrument.
•RallyMaster for simple average speed monitoring with its easy to follow too-fast too-slow needle.
•Twin pulse sensor inputs (so a spare is available should a sensor be knocked off in stage).
•Choice of 8 ancillary gauges, volts, speedometer mph/kmh, rpm 7,000/10,000, oil/fuel/boost pressure, coolant/oil/ambient temperature. From wheel pulse, single pressure and temperature input.
•GaugePilot’s VPS Vehicle Protection System monitors, warns and alerts.
•Suitable for 6 volt and 12 volt positive and negative earth vehicles.
•Bright and easy to read non-reflective super-bright colour display.
•Billet 6082 T6 aluminium case with black crinkle and black anodised finish.
•Temperature compensated internal clock for greater accuracy.
•Internal battery backup for real-time clock.
• Screen Size - 4.3” diagonal
• Weight - 950g
Includes basic installation wiring for your vehicle. Sensors and hanging bracket available separately

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