Don Barrow Plotlights

Don Barrow Plotlights
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Brilliant - You won't believe how good these are until you've tried one
Plotlights will fit all Saloon cars providing they have an inner door seal
Simply pull the inner door seal away to reveal the body door aperture
Clip on the alloy mounting plate, replace the seal to hold in position
Locate in a forward position towards the 'A' post area
Or position Centrally around the interior light
Or utilise an existing fixing screw, eg, sun visor. (No seal - see UNI above)
They can be swivelled or angled to suit your needs
Connect via a fused supply to a centrally mounted remote switch
Enabling either crew member to operate from a 'belted in' position
Essential for 'Pre-Plotting' or 'Plot & Bash' where you need both hands free
Vital for nightime Regularity
Utilise at Time Controls, where the Time Card can be illuminated for the Marshal
Position the light with CAUTION, they are not designed to withstand head butting

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